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FOR 2017-2018

CERTIFIED COURSE! Limited seating to 45
IN TORONTO in 2018!

Place: Hyatt Regency 
370 King Street West Toronto

Workshop 1: May 25-27
Workshop 2: Aug 9-12
Workshop 3: Nov 9-11
  • Registration Opens: Sept. 2017
  • Registration Closes: Feb. 2018
  • Course Length: 9 months
  • Course Start: Feb. 2018
  • Course End: Nov. 2018 
Course Outline
NTA Payment Plans now available!


Friday April 27th ~
Saturday April 28th 2018
Telus Convention Centre


ANM: October 12-14th 2018

CE Workshop Newmarket ON October 20-21 Pheasant Run Golf Course

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Providing Innovation and Quality - What Sets Us Apart


Health Tips for you!

Well balanced & accurately manufactured liquid-multivitamins 

If your liquid multivitamin says it contains folic acid – then it may not be for you, and here’s why: Folic acid requires a narrow pH range for stability that varies from other vitamins in an aqueous solution. Therefore, when the entire complement of vitamins and minerals are blended together in a liquid product, the folic acid degrades rapidly. This faulty manufacturing process results in a false sense of security by the consumer who believes they are purchasing a great, well-rounded multivitamin product. Biotics Research’s commitment to providing the best nutritional supplementation possible dictates that they do not include folic acid in their Aqueous Multi-PlusTherefore it is recommended that you supplement these patients with B12-2000 Lozenges – which are great tasting lozenges that provide vitamin B12 - 2000 mcg, folic acid - 800 mcg and B6 - 2 mg for optimal utilization. This allows for the benefits of both worlds.

Forms of B12 (Cobalamin)

Biotics Research offers a B12 2000 Lozenge as a hydroxocobalamin that doesn’t methylate dental mercury amalgams in the mouth.  Click here for a study highlighting hydroxocobalamin is as effective as methylcobalamin. Click here for the lab results showing the possible methylation of mercury via sublingual methylcobalamin.

Phosphorylated B-Vitamins = Increased Absorption

Biotics Research offers a completely phosphorylated B-Complex. Most B vitamins are derived from yeast sources, which can have ill effects in some patients. That’s not the case with our Bio B-100. This product is a non Yeast derived B complex.

Safe and Effective Oral Chelation Therapy

Biotics Research has the most cost effective, natural oral chelator on the market. It will chelate up to 12 toxic heavy metals plus atherosclerotic plaque. Several Doctor’s Data Toxic Metal Fecal Tests support this information. (See: Clinician's Resources for reports). Click on Chela-Zyme (Previously named Porphyra-Zyme) and the attached PDF for an oral chelation provocative challenge using Chela-Zyme as the agent. The protocol also adresses ongoing chelation support.

Are you deficient in Zinc?

If you have a loss of sense of smell and taste, if your are "slow to heal" wonds, have low libid0 or chronic yeast infections, you could be low in Zinc.  Did you know that you can easily test to see if you require Zinc supplementation? Take the “Zinc Tally” test using Biotics Aqueous ZincClick here for the Zinc Tally Test.

Regulate Blood Sugar In Seconds

Most people who experience “low energy” in the afternoon are often actually are experiencing hypoglycemia.  To help regulate the blood sugar with specific amino acids (proteins) Amino Acid QuickSorb has been formulated to act extremely fast.  If you are fatigued, drowsy and have poor concentration, specific amino acids could be the answer! Keep a bottle of Amino Acid Quick Sorb handy.

The Positive Effects of Selenium

Selenium aids in decreased T-3 uptake. It is also effective for fibroids and cysts, cardiac stress, pancreatic dysfunction and is a synergist to vitamin E. Selenium also helps in increasing glutathione peroxidase production. Try Biotics Research Aqueous Selenium for easy administration.

Symtoms of Adrenal Fatigue

The first sign of sensitivities to food and environmental toxins could be resulting from Adrenal Fatigue.  Also patients with salt cravings and sensitivity to bright light could have adrenal fatigue. When Chronic Fatigue is symptomatic, consider  ADB-5 Plus. When an Adrenal Adaptogen is required, try ADHS.

Stress, Immunity, and Hypoglycemia

Reactive hypoglycemia and immune insufficiency could be caused by the adrenal glands in a state of dysregulation. The result is adrenal stress and fatigue, anxiety and often, reactive hypoglycemia. Cytozyme AD balances the adrenals with the necessary glandular support. Consider using Cytozyme AD with De-Stress and GlucoBalance as the Multi-Vitamin.

A.D.P "Medicine Chest in a Bottle"

Did you know that A.D.P. is a Medicine chest in a bottle? It's standardized, emulsified, sustained release form of 50 mg. Oregano Oil will eradicate most all pathogenic organisms. This means that Fungas, bacteria, parasites and virus' don't have much of a chance with A.D.P. at work. It's a great product to travel with in case you come in contact with foreign intestinal invaders. It is recommended to always suppliment with BioDoph-7 Plus after using A.D.P.

Acid Indigestion, heartburn or Gout? Could be low Hydrochloric Acid

Most "Acidic" dysfunctions such as acid indigestion, acid reflux and gout are a result of "bad acid" waste build up. These "bad acids" such as Keto/Lactic acid, pyruvites, etc., are produced by the body as a result of the body not getting what it really needs to properly break food down, "GOOD ACID" or hydrochloric acid (HCl). High  fungal or yeast counts (due to heavy metal accumulation) also impair HCl production as well as eating sugary deserts after a meal. Finally low B vitamins (which are required to support HCl production) may aid in low Hydrochloric Acid production or hypochlorhydria. Supplimenting with HydroZyme, HCl Plus or Betaine Plus HP will aid in increasing the "good acid" levels to properly break food down at the gut level. Bio B Complex or Bio B 100 (non yeast derived phosphorylated B vitamins) will also help in incdreasing you natural HCl porduction. Also consider Beta Plus to imporve bile flow and Intenzyme Forte for broad spectrum, proteolytic, pancreatic enzyme therapy. Optimum levels of HCl means healthy digestion, a balanced blood, saliva and urine pH and a healthy body.